Brace yourselves.

I’ve been meaning to jot some things down about rape culture for a while now, I made a slight nod toward it in a previous article: You’re all rapists, but now I’m starting to see it flood into the mainstream here, and worse… Facebook pages. I’ve no doubt this is due to all of the stories we’re finally acknowledging from other countries like India, there’s no topic like a hot topic I suppose.

On the outside this seems like a very touchy thing to talk about and I sure as shit have yet to find a female who doesn’t immediately get on the defensive when I mention it, but I’m beginning to worry that 2013 is the year where we all fuck ourselves into an irreversible position through baseless scare tactics and massive misinformation.

I of course have to start by stating the obvious: Rape is a problem, rape is not good, rape is bad. Read the rest »

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Philosophy of the Damned – Part 2

Part 1

Salami… you have an on-again off-again obsession with the stuff. Tonight it is very much on again. You know the cashier has probably seen weirder things in his time, to be open at this hour is the price one pays I suppose. An attempt at polite conversation goes amiss when you realise that neither of you can understand each other. You gesture for him to keep the change, not because you really want to, but because you don’t want the clang of wealth to sing from your pockets as you waddle toward sanctuary.

The ill placement of your heavy feet continues as you head roughly in the right direction, smiling happy at the thought of eating some spiced meat and going to bed, possibly at the same time. You beast. It’s a straight pavement from here on out, you stare down the centre to detect any obstacles in the distance that might hinder your fantastic progress. There’s a man, just a man. Some trees that look like they might try to get in your way, but mostly interested in the man. Read the rest »

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Literally nothing.

I have some amount of respect for the people who stop other people on the street in order to get money from them, I mean it’s good that they’re doing something with their lives but Jesus the fuck christ, what the actual fuck?

I refuse to believe that such methods yield any sort of efficient financial result for the street-level workers and I can only rest easy at night on the pillowed notion that it’s not about the money, but rather the awareness. “No I’m not going to bind myself into a monthly contract to save homeless animals, but if I happen to see one on my way home I promise not to kick it in the head“. Of course, this train of thought begins to veer off the tracks when I think about the ones selling various insurance schemes, lest it be on some subconscious level that I’ve yet to comprehend which is a possibility, I’m not the knower of all things. Read the rest »

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You’re all rapists.

I had to explain to a 13 year old girl why I couldn’t add her on Skype.

I started off with the obvious… “I’m a 27 year old man“, but bless her innocence she merely responded wih “So?“. At this point it’s just weird, so that was my next response. “It would be weird, sorry“.

Let’s throw a little fucking context in here, eh?

Read the rest »

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Oooh I’m such a badass.

It’s been a while since I’ve spilled some beans in this place, so have a couple of work emails while I continue with Diablo 3. You may need to open some of the images because I screen-capped them too large. Bite me.

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