Bunnies, Rainbows and Happy Dribble Faces.

Ain’t life just peachy? Ain’t it sweet and ain’t it grand? It sure is, I laugh daily. You probably do too. We’re easily amused eh? Distractions can come easily, excuses make us feel that little bit better and we succumb to the fact that we just have to make do with what we have. Enjoy yourselves, I insist. Though perhaps not to the detriment of others, that’s an aspect of human nature I think could do with a little tweaking, why is there always some metaphysical ratio that needs to be kept in place? A man can’t rise without another man falling. People get rich off of making other people poor, screwing over your colleagues will get you to the top and… oh my, films are wrong!

In reality, Evil prevails. Dettol protects. Fact. Read the rest »

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I remember receiving the email over a month ago that informed employees of an embargo on holiday requests due to various reasonable reasons. Reasonables? Hmm. In its simplest form, its message was this:

This is the last sprint. You cannot take leave until we’re finished, though you may take leave for an emergency.

What I don’t remembering it saying, was this:

This is the last sprint.  You cannot take leave until we’re finished, though you may take leave for an emergency… or if you’re a little bitch who can’t handle pressure, criticism or responsibility.

I don’t know though, maybe it was in the small print? Read the rest »

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Post dated apology.

“I apologise in advance” he shouted, over the alcohol spills across the drunken table, “I’ve probably left you with a lot to do eh?“. He might not of actually been aware of it at the time, but he wasn’t kidding. I knew he wasn’t, but I raised my glass and smiled regardless.

Picking up people’s slack when they’ve been made redundant is all well and good, hell to be honest I’m grateful to stamp my name all over this project if it means censoring them out, but the reason for their absence becomes ever clear after the fact. I don’t just have a lot to do any more, I’ve got everything you’ve ever done to do, and about 2% of the time it took you to do it, too.

It’s probably not very nice of me to rag on people who’ve just been made redundant, it’s probably not very nice of  anyone to do it, now that I think about it. So I apologise in advance, unemployed’ers… you’ve given me too much to be quiet about.

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Underground Professionals.

It’s human nature to continue with ventures that have been forbidden by the powers that be, “fuck the system, we’ll take it underground” they might say. Music, Film, Games… you cannot stop people from getting these items for free, the more you try, the further down the hole it goes, to depths that cooperate giants cannot see until it’s too late, followed by further flawed schemes to plug the air sockets, but it’s an ants farm down there, and any ant can dig a new path, anywhere.

Those with a bit of sense and untold knowledge of these beautifully chaotic catacombs can use such a system to their advantage, this is mostly accidental however.

Shocked, I was… to be a part of such a system in an open plan studio. A studio that prides itself on casual mannerisms, a good work/life balance and a non-forced friendly atmosphere. How could this be? How could we resort to slipping each other notes and praying our over seers did not find out just how efficient we were being? How could we be sneaking around doing more work than we were supposed to?

Oh, it’s the video games industry, that’s how.

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First Date.

This is the second and final short story that I’ll be releasing, it was submitted for a writers competition over at BrainGunk. It landed in the top 5 but it did not win. Do not cry for me. Feedback that I received for the piece can be found at the bottom.


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