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A different kettle of

What about that title eh? Pretty kickin’? Totally rad? Pure smarts? Get over it man. Let’s go all Marvin Gaye on this.

I use a common web-tool by the name of google analytics, I remember how to spell analytic because I space it out in my head like this: “anal-y-tic”… it’s¬†hilarious, I assure you. One of the great features of this tool, is that it allows site owners to see exactly what sort of search terms are bringing people to their domain. I don’t really use any of it to my advantage but ever since I wrote the Guide to I’ve noticed a lot of new visitors have found me because they’re looking for answers in relation to that dating website of utter fail.

So I’d like to lend a helping hand, and answer some of these questions. Marvin, if you will… let’s get it on.

how to get a hot chick off plenty of fish .com

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Oh London Town.

It starts as something innocent, perhaps two people walking in opposing directions happen to collide because neither of them were aware of the other, perhaps neither will apologise, perhaps one will, perhaps one will consider themselves important and demand a fight, because that’s just a logical way to solve such matters.

Perhaps they’re in a car, and cars behind them are beeping their horns because much like the car in front, they have somewhere to be, only quite obviously they need to get there quicker because their time management¬†capabilities¬†are lacking, despite what they may have put down on their application letter to the local super market. Read more »

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Underground Professionals.

It’s human nature to continue with ventures that have been forbidden by the powers that be, “fuck the system, we’ll take it underground” they might say. Music, Film, Games… you cannot stop people from getting these items for free, the more you try, the further down the hole it goes, to depths that cooperate giants cannot see until it’s too late, followed by further flawed schemes to plug the air sockets, but it’s an ants farm down there, and any ant can dig a new path, anywhere.

Those with a bit of sense and untold knowledge of these beautifully chaotic catacombs can use such a system to their advantage, this is mostly accidental however.

Shocked, I was… to be a part of such a system in an open plan studio. A studio that prides itself on casual mannerisms, a good work/life balance and a non-forced friendly atmosphere. How could this be? How could we resort to slipping each other notes and praying our over seers did not find out just how efficient we were being? How could we be sneaking around doing more work than we were supposed to?

Oh, it’s the video games industry, that’s how.

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Old Man Fogey

This is the first short story that I’ll be releasing, it was submitted for a writers competition over at BrainGunk. It landed in the top 5 but it did not win. Do not cry for me. Feedback that I received for the piece can be found at the bottom.

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A guide to Plenty of

I’m personally fascinated with the idea of dating websites, a TV advert for the likes of or some other bullshit triggered so many questions in my ever ready cerebral cortex. It started with some “Whoa! We’ve got too many females and now we need hot sexy guys“. The following week painted a different picture, “Whoa! we’ve got too many guys and need some hot sexy females!

I doubt, highly… that the adverts are sent out based on any sort of user data derived from the site, it’s logical to assume that they just made those adverts, to do what adverts are made to do… to get stupid people jumping up and down while clapping in excitement.

As I watched, curiosity grabbed the back of my head and stuck its tongue down my throat, motivation coursed through my veins as electrons sparked a god damn nuke within my skull, I had an idea… possibly a bad one.
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