Philosophy of the Damned – Part 1

The chip to dip ratio can never be equal. Suicidal people die of natural causes and water makes you thirsty.

The air turns dry as your only light source scrolls from the faint glow of the advertisements. Contents from your bag spill onto the pavement, your dizzy head thinks nothing of it as you spend the next 28 seconds clawing at the cold concrete, you’ve already forgotten what you dropped. A third person view pops into your head, you see yourself… down on the ground, muttering something about “whoopsy”, you’re pathetic, and you’re loving every second of it.

Bus drivers aren’t used to passengers at this hour, the breaks screech as you enter his tired gaze. Only one of you is glad to see the other.

A bump in the road sends a false shock to your brain, you look out the window for familiar surroundings… you’re okay, you haven’t missed your stop. Fast beats whisper into your ears, but not before passing through what sounds like an empty soup can, you turn your head in disgust… there she is, and she’s got poor quality headphones. She ain’t pretty but I’m willing to bet she’s had more sex than you, hell I bet she gets tapped more often than the “Forgotten Password?” link on an alzheimer’s website.

Your blinks are slow and you smile at the happy state of mind, completely ignorant of the pain you’ll be experiencing in the morning. What do you care? You’re happy.

It takes you two attempts to finally stand up straight, the bus slows down a lot quicker than health and safety regulations would allow, so close to a face plant… this must be why the exits are situated toward the rear, otherwise the driver would get a back-hander every time someone got off. You yell “prick” as you step out anyway. The zippo flicks open and you ignite a waste of time, it’s starting to rain but we both know you don’t care. The fastest swimmer doesn’t get less wet.

Step, step, step, stumble, adjust, continue with the stepping. 4:37am… I guess you won’t be going into work tomorrow. Hey, you probably deserve a day off anyway, right big guy?

Holy shit… this shop is open.

[To be continued]

[Although, probably not]

[Well, maybe]

[YES]. Part 2

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